Instant foreign bank accounts for Kenyans

Open a foreign currency account to receive payments from anywhere in the world, make international payments or convert foreign currencies to Kenyan Shillings.

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Get a global account for all your international transactions

Get free foreign accounts and get paid by foreign employers & clients

Freelancer or remote worker? We’ve got you. Receive USD, GBP and EUR with ease in Kenya with your free international bank account.

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Convert foreign currencies instantly

Quickly convert your foreign earnings to KES on Grey at competitive market rates. Get your money’s full value every time.

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Transfer Money

Send money to any foreign account directly from your Grey account. No stress. No delay. No hidden fees. It's that easy.

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Free USD, GBP and EUR accounts for all your international transactions

How to open a free foreign bank account

Opening an account has never been this seamless.


Create an account

Sign up online, or in our app with your email address


Complete KYC verification

All you need to receive money or order a card is your government ID and utility bill


Get your virtual account

Share your account details to get paid, or spend around the world with your debit card.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a foreign account on Grey in Kenya
To get your foreign currency account, simply sign up for a Grey account with your basic details, verify your identity and request a USD, GBP or EUR account.
What can I do with a Grey foreign account?
With a Grey foreign bank account, you get your international bank account number, routing number and SWIFT code to complete any international bank transaction with ease.
Can I withdraw to M-Pesa from Grey?
You can convert foreign currencies to KES on Grey and instantly withdraw to your mobile money account.

Visit our Help Center for more answers to your questions and learn how to use Grey.

Resources to learn more about how Grey works

Expertly curated articles to help you understand how our foreign accounts work.

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