Grey Update: You Can Now Withdraw to Kenyan Bank Accounts

Winner Ajibola


Last year, we launched our expansion to East Africa, which meant users in Kenya and Tanzania could get foreign bank accounts on Grey. However, due to several banking limitations, we could only process withdrawals to mobile money or Mpesa

After months of working on partnerships with our banking partners in East Africa, we’re happy to announce that you can now withdraw money from your Grey balance directly to Kenyan bank accounts. 

Who Can Use this Feature?

You can use this feature if you live in Kenya and you need to withdraw from your Ksh Grey balance. It’s also handy if you receive foreign currencies as a Kenyan freelancer or remote worker. You can swap these foreign payments for Ksh and withdraw them directly to your bank account.

If you also need to send money to Kenya from abroad, all you need to do is withdraw from your Grey balance to the Kenyan bank account. We recommend using the mobile money option for digital nomads unless you need to make bulk transfers in Kenya.

What Banks Can I Withdraw International Payments to in Kenya?

You can withdraw your foreign funds and Kenyan Shillings to any Kenyan bank account on Grey. Some of the available bank accounts you can withdraw to include; 

Bank of Africa Kenya Limited, Chase Bank Limited, Citibank N.A, Credit Bank Limited, Diamond Trust Bank Limited, Dubai Bank Kenya Limited, Equity Bank, Family Bank LTD, Guardian Bank LTD, Gulf African Bank, Housing Finance Limited, Imperial Bank Limited and so many more.

How to Withdraw Funds to a Kenyan Bank Account

Ready to send money from Grey to a Kenyan bank account? Here are a few steps to help guide you. 

On Web

  • Log in to your Grey web app
  • Under balances, tap on your Ksh balance
  • Tap on ‘Send KES’
  • On the display, select ‘Send to a New Recipient’
  • Fill out the form with the amount you’d want to send
  • Under recipient type, select ‘Withdraw to bank account’
withdraw to bank account
  • Select the bank name from the drop-down
withdraw to kenyan bank accounts
  • Fill the rest of the form with the recipient’s banking details and confirm that you authorize the transaction.
enter account details

On Mobile

  • Log in to your Grey mobile app.
  • On your dashboard, switch your balance to Kenyan Shillings if it isn’t the default
  • Tap on ‘Send Money’
  • Select ‘Send to a new recipient’
  • Fill out the form with the amount you’d want to send
  • Under recipient type, select ‘ Withdraw to bank account’
  • Fill out the rest of the form with the user’s banking details and authorize the transaction

Save a Kenyan Bank as Beneficiary

To reduce the number of steps required to send money to a Kenyan bank account, we recommend saving an account you’d frequently withdraw to as a beneficiary. 

To do this, when sending money to a new recipient, check the box that says ‘Save as New Recipient.’  

save as beneficiary

If you’d like to save a beneficiary without starting a transaction, simply follow this guide.

In addition to sending money to a Kenyan bank account, you can also get a foreign account and convert foreign currencies directly on Grey. Create a free account to get the best exchange rates. 

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