How to send money to Tanzania accounts and Mpesa

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Need to send money home to Tanzania from a foreign country? Perhaps you earn in foreign currencies, and you’re looking for a way to convert them into Tanzanian shillings? If you need to send money to Tanzania or Mpesa, you can easily do this with many online services. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to do this with Grey from multiple countries at the best rates. 

What is Mpesa?

Mpesa is a mobile money transfer service in Tanzania. With this service, you can transfer money, make bill payments and purchases directly from your mobile phone. Also known as mobile money, it’s an alternative banking system that doesn’t require an actual bank account to make transactions. 

With Grey, you can send money to Mpesa accounts in Tanzania in just a few steps. 

What Mpesa Networks Can I Send to from Grey?

At the moment, you can send money to three networks from Grey. So if you want to send money to an Mpesa account, you can choose between Tigo, Vodacom, and Airtel. All you need is their phone number to make this transaction.

How to Send USD to a Tanzanian Account

Need to swap your USD to Tsh? Here’s how to make money transfers from the United States to Tanzania;

  • For starters, you need a USD account on Grey. With this, you can receive Dollars directly into your account. If you don’t already have one, use this guide to get started.
  • Once you have your Grey USD account, top up by sending money to that account.
  • Next, create a TSh balance by tapping on the ‘Add balance’ button
add tsh balance
  • Click the checkbox beside TSH and ‘Proceed’
  • Now from your USD balance, tap on ‘Swap Funds’
  • Fill out the form (remember exchange rates aren’t fixed)
swap usd to tsh
  • The equivalent will be immediately sent to your Tsh balance

How to Withdraw Money from Your Grey Balance to Mpesa

Now that you have the equivalent of your USD in TSh, it’s time to send it to Mpesa. We’ve got you covered whether you’re sending it to yourself, a loved one, or your employee. Here’s how to seamlessly do this on Grey;

  • If you have a saved beneficiary, you can opt for that option. Else, ‘Send to a new recipient’
send to new account
  • Fill out the form with the amount, network, and phone number of the recipient.
send to mpesa
  • Confirm the details and  click on ‘Proceed’
  • Your money will be sent to the recipient within a few minutes

With a Grey account, you can easily send money to your loved ones or employees in Tanzania or convert your foreign currencies into Tanzanian shillings.

Enjoy the best exchange rates and seamless transactions by creating your free account here.

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