Everything We’ve Been Working on in May

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Welcome to our monthly product newsletter, where we give you the rundown of all our latest features and product updates you should stay on top of. Here's our product update for May 2023.

Our Latest Delivery💨

Straight out of the oven, we have KES and TZS deposits! This means you can now deposit Kenyan and Tanzanian Shillings to your Grey balance using mobile money. It’s a great way to send and receive money in East Africa even faster.

Top up your KES balance via MPESA and your TZS balance via Airtel money and TigoPesa. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

Introducing Grey’s Invoicing🧾

We understand that, as a business owner or freelancer, invoices are pivotal to receiving your payments on time. That’s why you can now generate invoices for your employers, clients, and customers directly from your Grey app.

Your invoice will have your Grey account details so your recipient can complete the payment via a bank transfer. Learn more about how it works here.

KES Withdrawals

We have our KES bank payouts! Previously we could only process Kenyan Shillings withdrawals to mobile money only. However, after months of working with our new partners, you can withdraw and send money to any Kenyan bank account🎉. “Send money to Kenya  🇰🇪 with Grey” sounds cool, innit? 😎

We’ve put together a guide so you can see how it works here.

Keep Track of Our Exchange Rates📈

See what our real-time exchange rates are and keep track of any changes on the Grey rates page. While converting currencies is seamless, we understand how important exchange rates are to your final conversions. This is why all rates on this page are updated in real-time. See how to view this page.

Improved NGN Deposits 🤑

While this isn’t exactly news, we’ve improved Naira deposits and top-ups on Grey. With the Grey Naira bank accounts, you can now add Naira to your Grey account with a single bank transfer. So whether you’re trying to top up your Naira balance or receive Naira transfers, we absolutely recommend getting an NGN virtual account today. Here’s a guide.

On USD Accounts 🛠

We definitely aren’t laid back about USD accounts. After gaining express permission from our bosses, we are excited to share that we will be launching our new USD bank accounts soon.

Our quality assurance team is on the last round of tests to make sure everything works perfectly, so expect an official announcement from us in the coming days.

Other Features in the Works 🚧

USD accounts aren’t the only projects in the works. You can now;

  • Top up your virtual cards with any currency on the Web and Android app.
  • Track your expense management on Android and Web app.
  • View the app in Swahili on Android and Web.

While it’s not yet 100%, you can start testing with us and share your feedback. We’ll be sure to announce once they are all available.

And that’s it for the month of May. If you have any product features or suggestions on how we can improve your experience with Grey, do share them directly with our bosses by sending an email to talktoidee@grey.co

Until Next Month,


The Product Team @ Grey

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