How to Add Beneficiaries to Your Grey Account

Winner Ajibola


Naturally, whether it’s a loved one, an employee, or even your main bank account, there are certain accounts you regularly send money to. On Grey, it could be the account you’d want to withdraw your funds to or someone else in another country.

Whatever the account may be, constantly having to input these details manually can get tiring, especially for international transfers. Here, you’d have to enter the sort code, swift code, account number, IBAN, and multiple other details.

That’s why we’ve provided a beneficiary option on Grey where you can send money to these accounts in just one tap. Learn how to add a beneficiary to your Grey account in this post.

What does a beneficiary mean on Grey?

It’s important to note that a beneficiary doesn’t mean your next of kin, like insurance and other banking beneficiaries. 

On Grey, a beneficiary simply means a saved account. It’s solely to access account details faster for future transfers, withdrawals, or transactions.

Who can I add as a beneficiary?

You can save any account you frequently transfer or withdraw to. Once you save an account, you can simply transfer funds using the ‘Send to Beneficiary’ option.

You can add any valid EUR, GBP, USD, KSH, NGN, TSH, and other accounts as long as they are currencies supported on Grey.

The best part is that your beneficiaries don’t need a Grey account. However, if they do, we recommend sending funds via GreyTag instead. It’s instant, and there are no additional transfer fees.   

Add a beneficiary to your Grey Account.

So do you have specific bank accounts you’ll send money to through Grey? Here’s how to add them as a beneficiary on your Grey account.

On Web

  • Log in to your Grey web app
  • On the navigation bar at the left, tap on ‘beneficiaries’
  • On the display tap on ‘Add recipient.’
grey account dashboard
  • Select the recipient's currency and country
add new recipient on Grey
  • Enter the banking details and tap on ‘proceed.’

On Mobile

  • Log in to your Grey mobile app.
  • On the dashboard, tap on the ellipsis icon at your screen's bottom right.
grey dashboard mobile
  • Select ‘Card & Beneficiaries’
card and beneficiaries section
  • Under the beneficiary section, tap on ‘Add Beneficiary’
add grey beneficiary
  • Fill out the form with the required bank details and tap on ‘Add Bank Account.’
add beneficiary details

After this, you can use the ‘send to beneficiary option’ to send funds.

For a better experience, we recommend downloading the mobile app and following the steps above. Thank you for choosing Grey

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