Introducing the Grey mobile app

Ngozi Enelamah


Almost one year ago, we began working towards making cross-border transactions as hassle-free as possible for freelancers, remote workers, creators and digital businesses. We remain committed to seeking new, novel solutions as we grow our user base. After hearing what our users had to say and putting in hours of hard work, we are thrilled to introduce the Grey mobile app.

With the mobile app, you can open a global bank account for free in minutes to send payments, receive payments and convert to your local currency in one app. You can quickly receive money from 80+ countries and send money from Africa to the UK and EU countries easily. You can easily access fast international transfers with actual international bank account details and spend less on foreign transaction fees.

You can switch between currencies fast and enjoy instant currency exchange twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With the new Grey mobile app, you can stay updated with instant push notifications for your transactions.

Like on the website, you can receive your salary right on time without stress, pay for tuition, and so much more in over three currencies. You never have to worry about how to send money home as we provide a seamless experience sending money across borders.

We’re committed to keeping your account secure and protected from fraud. The Grey mobile app is equipped with best-in-class security and transaction monitoring technology.

Get the new mobile app for your Android here and your iPhone here. Customer satisfaction is the backbone of what we do at Grey, and we are constantly looking for newer methods to improve the lives of our users. Be kind enough to leave a review after downloading and using the app, so we know how to serve you better.

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