5 top sites to get international remote jobs in Kenya

Ngozi Enelamah


There are many reasons why people may wish to seek international remote employment in Kenya. Perhaps they are looking for a change of pace or want to further their careers. However the case may be, here are a few top sites that can help you find international remote jobs in Kenya.

International remote jobs in Kenya - top sites

Below is a list of sites where you can get international remote jobs in Kenya. The list includes Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, and Elance.

  1. Upwork

Upwork is currently the best and most professional freelancing platform for international remote employment in Kenya. 

It has a lot of work and very skilled customers. It is also well paid. Here, writers can get $5 per 500 words up to $100 or more. 

Upwork guarantees your payment while using the Upwork Desktop App for hourly payments or having the client establish a milestone payment. Remember to ensure the client has a validated payment method for hourly jobs.

  1. Freelancer

The second site to get international remote jobs in Kenya is Freelancer. It’s a site where you can quickly get your first job, though it’s nowadays very saturated and low paying. The average pay for a freelance writer here is $2 per 500 words.

After you advance a bit, you can get up to $4 per 500 words. Because the pay is low, Freelancer is primarily suitable for new freelancers looking to get some experience.

The main advantage of this site is that getting a project can be relatively easy. This site has several freelancing opportunities, from writing and accounting to web designing.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelancer website to get international remote jobs in Kenya. Whether you want to write an article, dance dressed up as a vegetable, or become a virtual assistant, you can do it on Fiverr.

It’s a unique site where you can market almost any service you offer to an international market.

  1. Guru

The fourth site to get international remote jobs in Kenya is Guru. The Guru website (https://www.guru.com/) in Kenya is the most popular freelancing website for global remote employment in Kenya.  

Guru connects over 500,000 freelancers with over 30,000 businesses worldwide. The website is organized into different categories to make it easy to find opportunities in your skill set. 

  1. Elance

Elance is another significant player in Kenya’s remote employment market. It includes a variety of international remote employment opportunities in Kenya. 

Jobs on Elance include writing, graphic design, web development, programming, and many more. Jobs are categorized, just like on Guru and the other websites, making it simple to uncover opportunities for those with various skill sets.

Online jobs in Kenya 

Here are a few other popular online jobs, whether local or global.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of our online jobs in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa.

Digital marketing promotes a product or service using digital technologies, mainly on the internet. As more and more people use the internet, businesses have found that they need to use digital marketing to reach their target customers and what this means that jobs in this field will continue to increase.

  1. Blogging

The second online job that pays through m-Pesa is blogging. Blogging is simply a way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world. A blog can take many forms, but most often, it takes the form of a website.

Make money blogging either on someone else’s blog or your blog. Sell ad space through Adsense or affiliate marketing. You can then receive your foreign payments through Grey and withdraw them conveniently from your M-pesa.

  1. Article Writing

The third online job that pays through m-pesa in Kenya is article writing. Arguably one of the most popular online jobs in Kenya. Many people who are looking for freelance writing jobs choose to write articles.

Many articles writing jobs are available, and you can usually find one that suits your skills and interests. Several opportunities await you on the websites listed above in this field.

  1. Academic Writing

Academic writing is another of the top internet jobs in Kenya. 

As more and more students seek assistance with their assignments, academic writers are in high demand. Academic writing and article writing are vastly dissimilar. 

Academic writing jobs typically require more advanced writing abilities than other writing careers. This is so that it can adhere to various educational citation standards and be more structured like academic writing. 

Whatever your motivation for looking for remote international jobs in Kenya, you now have a fantastic location to start. While several sites might offer global remote employment in Kenya, the issue of receiving payments and withdrawing them directly into your M-Pesa is crucial, and that’s where Grey comes in. Grey allows you to quickly and conveniently create foreign bank accounts that will enable you to receive your payments in USD, GBP, or Euros and withdraw directly from M-pesa.

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