4 Tips to Getting International Freelance Gigs

Ngozi Enelamah


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After playing in the local market and making your personal or business brand a force to reckon with in your community, you might plan to get international gigs and expand into the global market. If you are a newbie or unsure how to do so, we’ve curated some tips to help you score your first international gig.

1. Create a proposal

First impressions matter, especially in the digital realm, as they can sometimes be the last impression, and it is almost impossible to use your interpersonal abilities. It would help if you optimised your presentation for the global market by creating a customised proposal which highlights your unique selling points. Your proposal should highlight your special selling features that can act as differentiators, stimulate hiring interest, and lead to a callback.

You’re up against an army of freelancers, remote workers, and content creators at any given time when searching for prospects in global markets. While you create your proposal, ensure to keep it simple. Pay attention to avoid any spelling and grammatical errors, and keep the tone simple and professional for the clientele you are trying to attract.

2. Show your expertise

To get your desired international clients, you must demonstrate experience, talent, and expertise in your industry. Share only work that shows your knowledge and work experience. It is vital in the interview rounds to demonstrate excellent decision-making and communication abilities. It is best to have diverse samples of your work ready to exhibit your behavioural and project leadership.

Get intimately involved in your sector as it enables you to pitch yourself well and persuade interviewers that you are the ideal candidate for the job. During the interview process, beyond showcasing your expertise, highlight what makes you unique as others are in the running for the same position. 

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3. Attend and network at both local and international events

The importance of attending events and networking to your career growth as a freelancer or content creator can not be over-emphasised. You learn new procedures and facts you may not know, sharpen your soft skills and nurture connections that you might need to get international gigs.

4. Choose a good payment method

One of the more challenging tasks for freelancers working with or looking to work with international clients is how to get paid. This process is even made more complex by currency and differences in the exchange rate. Remember to choose a smooth payment system, like Grey, which ensures that freelancers in the country can receive USD, GBP, and Euro payments seamlessly in their foreign accounts and convert to their local currency at the best conversion rates.

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