How to become a registered freelancer on Upwork

Ngozi Enelamah


We all can agree that freelancing is a lucrative business that gives you the luxury of time, opportunities, and many benefits. However, if you want to earn more money and increase your revenue as a freelancer, Upwork is one of the right places to visit. 

What is Upwork? you might be asking as someone who is probably new to the freelance space. 

Upwork is where people find freelance jobs; it provides a way for freelancers to connect with clients and find new projects, making it an excellent way to build your freelancing career with many job opportunities available daily on Upwork, it’s not just about getting customers but rather doing work that matters!

If you’ve decided that freelancing is the way to go, this blog post will explain how you can register as a freelancer on Upwork. 

Register as a Freelancer on Upwork

Ready to start earning from Upwork? Here’s how to set up your account and become visible to potential clients.

Step 1: Sign up for Upwork

Head over to the Upwork website and click the Sign-Up button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The next screen will be where you’d select how to sign up as a freelancer or a hiring client. 


Then choose your sign-up method with your google account, enter your name and email address, and create a password. 

signup on upwork

Step 2: Setting up your profile

After creating your account, you’ll need to complete your profile. Upwork will guide you through the process, and you’ll need to provide information such as your work history, skills, and education. 

It’s essential to make your profile as detailed and informative as possible so clients can easily find you and understand your expertise.

upwork profile

Step 3: Take the Upwork Readiness Test

Upwork offers a readiness test that assesses your knowledge of the platform and freelancing best practices. This test can help you understand how Upwork works and how to optimize your profile for success.

Step 4: Submit your profile for review

Now your profile has been completed and you’ve taken the readiness test, you can submit your profile for review. Upwork reviews your profile to ensure it meets its guidelines and standards. It’s vital to ensure your profile is complete and accurate before submitting it for review.

Step 5: Source for projects

Now that your profile is approved, the next step is to look around for projects you can take on. Upwork provides a search tool to filter projects by category, skill, and other criteria. You can also set up job alerts to get notified when new projects are posted that match your skills and interests.

Remember your profile consists of details, work experience, educational experience, hourly fee, and skills unique to your qualifications. 

Step 6: Build your reputation

On Upwork, reputation matters to securing more and higher paying clients. You can do this by delivering high-quality work and receiving positive client feedback. Upwork provides a rating system that allows clients to rate your work and provide feedback, which can help you attract more clients in the future.

Step 7: Setting up your portfolio 

Now your Upwork profile is all setup, and you are on your journey to getting your first clients; the next line of action will be setting up your portfolio. 

A portfolio is a collection of work samples that showcase your skills, experience, and achievements. A good portfolio should be well-organized, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. It should showcase your best work and highlight your strengths and unique abilities. 

Follow these steps to upload your portfolio to Upwork for your first and subsequent clients. 

  • Log into Upwork
  • On your profile board, click on your picture.
  • Scroll to the “Portfolio” section and click.
  • Enter a title and also completion date of the project for your portfolio item. Be sure to include relevant keywords and information about the project.
  • Select a portfolio template between gallery, case study, or classic. These allow you to choose between a website, graphic design, or writing sample.
  • Upload your work by clicking the “Upload” button.
  • Click the “Publish” button to make your portfolio item visible on your Upwork profile.

Step 8: Setting Up payment method

What’s a service if payment isn’t made? After completing your profile and portfolio, the next step is to set up an international payment method that allows easy access to your client’s payments. There are several options, and one I will always recommend is using Grey.

With Grey, you get a professional account you can use to receive payments from your international clients. You can also create your invoice directly on Grey. Set up a free foreign USD, GBP or EUR account on Grey today.

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