The digital nomad's guide to managing money across borders in 2024

Ama Udofa


The laptop lifestyle is a dream many aspire to live: working from beautiful places, sipping coffee with a view from a quaint cafe, and taking your work with you anywhere you go. It’s a vision of freedom and flexibility.

But behind the Instagram-worthy sunsets and the allure of location independence lies a not-so-glamorous reality for digital nomads: managing your finances across borders.

The financial challenges of the wandering worker.

Ah, the joys of currency fluctuations. You meticulously budget for your dream co-working space in Lisbon, only to have the Euro suddenly surge and the naira crash even further, leaving your workspace feeling more like a closet. And then there’s the niggling pain of budgeting.

Keeping track of expenses in different currencies can feel like juggling flaming chainsaws while blindfolded. Throw in those pesky international bank fees that swallow a significant chunk of your hard-earned income, and you’ve got a recipe for financial frustration.

Essential tips for managing your finances while you travel the world.

Fear not, fellow wanderers! Financial freedom on the road is achievable. Here are some battle-tested tips I've gathered on my own adventures to help you conquer the financial side of the digital nomad life:

Ditch the static budget:

A rigid, one-size-fits-all budget just doesn’t work for a constantly inconstant life. Consider a zero-based budgeting approach, allocating every dollar you earn to specific categories. You can also explore a more flexible system that adapts to your location. For instance, you might assign a larger portion of your budget for transportation in cities with limited public options and adjust accordingly when you settle into a more walkable location.

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Embrace the freedom of a borderless bank account:

Opening a borderless bank account can be a game-changer. Look for an option with low international transaction fees and the ability to hold multiple currencies. Imagine the freedom of not having to worry about exchange rates every time you buy a cup of coffee in a new city! This eliminates the need for multiple bank accounts in different countries, simplifying your financial life significantly.

Budgeting apps:

Budgeting apps are your secret weapons for tracking income and expenses, categorising your spending habits, and setting realistic financial goals when moving. Popular options like YNAB or Mint can help you wrangle those multiple currencies and keep your financial house in order, even when your actual home is constantly changing.

Build an emergency fund for life's curveballs:

Life throws curveballs, which sometimes involve accidents, hefty medical bills, or travel disruptions. Don’t let an unexpected expense derail your digital nomad journey. Consider investing in travel insurance to cover medical and non-medical risks while travelling. You can also set aside an emergency fund to cushion the blow of unforeseen costs.

Diversify your income streams:

If you can help it, don’t limit yourself to a single source of income. The more diverse your income, the wider your safety net and financial cushion. Every little bit counts! Especially if you’re a freelancer, building multiple income sources can protect you from fluctuations in any one income stream.

Introducing Grey: Your cross-border financial partner

Remember how I mentioned feeling overwhelmed by managing finances on the road? Well, that's where Grey comes in. Grey is a revolutionary cross-border payment app designed specifically for remote workers like us. Here's how Grey can be your financial bestie on the road:

Fast, secure, and affordable:

Say sayonara to those bank charges that make you wince, and hello to cheap exchange rates! Grey helps you receive payments from international clients quickly and securely, with minimal fees.

Grey makes it easy to manage your money globally, whether you're getting paid or sending money. With Grey, you can also send money across the world, including cryptocurrencies.

Manage multiple currencies easily:

Hold and manage different currencies in a single, secure wallet. Swapping between currencies is a breeze with Grey so you can ditch the hassle of multiple bank accounts and spreadsheets.

Manage finances from anywhere:

Grey's user-friendly mobile app lets you manage your money from anywhere in the world with truly inclusive global banking. No need to be chained to your laptop – you can literally be conquering that mountain peak in the Philippines while checking your balance or receiving payment from your client in Switzerland!

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