Travel safer with Grey x Insured Nomads

Toluwani Omotesho


As a digital nomad juggling work and travel, there are two things you have to prioritise for a seamless, stress-free experience anywhere you go — payments and travel insurance.

We understand that as a digital nomad, dealing with payments like sending and receiving money abroad can be a real challenge. We also know how vital having reliable travel insurance is for your peace of mind, especially when unexpected situations arise during your travels.

We've joined forces with Insured Nomads, a global travel and health insurance provider, to make things easier and safer for you. Our partnership ensures that your cross-border payment needs are simplified and you have the travel protection you need. Now, you can confidently explore the world, knowing we’ve got your back!

How Grey x Insured Nomads benefits nomads worldwide

The Grey and Insured Nomads partnership sets a global standard for safety and financial freedom.

As a Grey user, you’ll get a 10% discount on travel and health insurance plans from Insured Nomads. All you have to do is use the promo code “Grey10” at checkout.

These plans offer extensive coverage, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and non-medical situations like travel delays. Plus, you can enjoy perks like airport lounge access for delayed flights and evacuation services.

With Grey x Insured Nomads, digital nomads can say goodbye to the hassle of international payments and travel worry free. Get insured today!

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