Here’s How to Pay Your UK School Fees from Nigeria

Winner Ajibola


If you are a Nigerian student about to study in the United Kingdom, you may find it challenging to pay your school fees due to the currency differences and unfavorable exchange rates. It can also be confusing to determine what exact payment method to opt for. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to pay for your UK school fees from Nigeria that won’t leave a dent in your funds. We’ll explore those options in this article.

Paying for Your School Fees Deposit

Perhaps the most crucial part of your fees is the deposit, and this is because it determines how soon you get your CAS. 

Most Nigerian students prefer to pay using FORM A because you can get pounds via bank rates. However, due to the recent delays associated with this payment method, we only recommend using it when paying your other installments.

Since the payment window for paying your deposit is particularly short, you should consider the fastest and easiest way to transfer the money to your school. 

Your school will share some of the acceptable payment methods, which often include paying via bank transfer, a debit card, or in person. Since paying in person is not an option for you as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, here’s how you can pay your UK school fees deposit;

Pay via Bank Transfer

One of the most popular ways to pay your UK school fees is by bank transfer. To do this, you’ll either need a GBP domiciliary account or a UK bank account. The issue with a domiciliary account is that processing it takes more time, which can be counterproductive. 

This is why getting a Grey UK bank account is the perfect option. Since it’s already domiciled in the UK, transfers are faster and much easier. You will also need the banking details of your UK school, including their SWIFT code and account number. You can find this on their payment page. 

Once this is sorted, here’s how to pay your school fees deposit via a bank transfer;

  • Log in to your Grey account.
  • Top up your Naira balance via a bank transfer to your NGN virtual account.

ngn account on grey
  • Once the funds reflect in your Naira balance, swap to GBP
  • You can track our real-time exchange rates on the rates page
  • Now in your GBP balance, tap on ‘Send GBP’
  • From the dropdown menu, tap on ‘Send to New Recipient’
  • In the recipient’s currency, select ‘GBP’ and proceed to enter the remaining details
  • Double-check to be sure that your school banking details are correct before completing the transaction.
  • Once it sends, share the transaction receipt with your school and wait for payment confirmation from them.

Please note that bank transfers to the UK typically take 1-3 working days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Pay via Debit Card

Another way to pay your UK school fees is via a debit card. Usually, your school will also have a portal where you can directly make payments via a card. However, since all Naira cards don’t work for international payments, you can only pay using your domiciliary account card or via a virtual card.

Since the Grey USD card works for every international payment, we strongly recommend this option, especially if you don’t have a domiciliary bank card. This is because the Grey virtual card is efficient, reliable, and there are no hidden fees associated with your payments, unlike most cards.

To pay your school fees via debit card, here are the steps you can follow

  • Log in to your Grey app.
  • Top up your Naira balance via a bank transfer to your NGN virtual account
  • Visit the cards section and top up your Grey USD virtual card from your Naira balance
  • If you don’t have one yet, here’s how to create a virtual card on Grey
  • Once your funds reflect on your card, visit your school portal and pay with it
  • Complete the transaction and wait for payment confirmation from your school

For Subsequent Payment Installments

Once you’ve completed the visa application process and started your studies in the UK, paying for the rest of your fees will be pretty easy. You can choose to pay using any of the following options above or even in person now.

However, we recommend using Form A, especially if your school fees balance is in Naira. Form A is an international payment method offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria and commercial banks. 

The CBN gives these banks a specific amount of foreign currency and instructs them to sell it at bank rates. As an international student, you qualify for this bank exchange rate. In this case, your bank makes the payment on your behalf to your school and notifies you when the transaction is complete.

What you need to qualify for Form A as an international student

Since you’d have to fill out a form online, here are a few documents you’ll need to verify your status as an international student from Nigeria;

  • Your school admission letter or unconditional offer
  • A valid Nigerian international passport
  • School invoice that contains the school’s banking details
  • WAEC certificate for undergraduates
  • First-degree certificate for postgraduate students
  • Sponsors ID if you’re paying through a sponsor
  • The equivalent amount of your school fees in your Naira bank account

How to Pay for Your School Fees Abroad Using Form A

Once you have all the documents listed above, here’s how to pay for your school fees via Form A.

  • Visit the Trade Monitoring System Applicant Portal
  • Sign up using your BVN as an individual
  • You’ll get an OTP in the email address linked to your BVN. 
  • Verify your email and login to your portal
  • Select ‘Educational fees’ from the options under Form A
  • Fill out the forms displayed and upload all your required documents
  • Review your entry and submit

Once you submit, the prompt is sent to your bank so they can review and process your transaction.

Please keep in mind that, unlike payment options with Grey, using Form A requires a longer processing time. Since the transaction is highly dependent on the country’s FX availability, it can take up to months. If you’re in a hurry, we recommend paying in person, using a bank transfer or a debit card, to be on the safer side.

So whether you’re paying your first deposit or subsequent installments, carefully consider the fees and exchange rates to ensure you are getting the best deal. Grey has transparent rates and prices, so you’re guaranteed affordable currency exchange and faster payments. Sign up to get started.

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