How to make money online in Kenya

Ngozi Enelamah


Making money online in Kenya is a great way to build a passive income stream and gain financial freedom. Since the pandemic, Kenyans have sought economic opportunities that require minimal human interaction and more flexible options. However, are there foreign payment services offered favourable? 

This write-up will examine how to make money online in Kenya, why you should start making money online, and the best payment service to back up the activity. 

Reasons you should consider working online. 

Asides from remote work giving you the freedom and flexibility of working at your own pace and the financial benefits of being compensated at global rates, there are several other reasons why you should consider working online. 

Work from any location

Sharing pictures of laptops on the beach has become a digital nomad craze. That is doable, but the key is to find a job where you feel most at ease. When you work remotely, you can work from anywhere you most feel comfortable. 

There are many alternatives, from working in your favourite coffee shop to the hip new co-working facility in the city center to the airport lounge as you wait for your next journey.

You are the boss of your time.

You know that feeling when you get an email from your boss on a weekday night while trying to get your Netflix on? That goes away when the boss is you!

One of the most rewarding things about working online or for yourself is knowing that every move you make is your decision, and every success you have is your own. There’s nothing more freeing than that, except maybe the next point.

Higher earning potential 

Working for yourself means setting your objectives and measures of success. You are responsible for your income and how you earn your income. This means no more salary, but your income isn’t capped by a corporate structure or decided by someone else. 

This makes it easier to decide what jobs to do to receive an income and how you receive payment, especially if you are receiving money from overseas. 

Four ways of making money online in Kenya. 

Everyone needs to earn a living, and the internet has transformed how we do this. It has opened up borders on what you can do and achieve based on geographical region or financial resources. 

With a computer, internet connection, and personal drive, there is little that can stand in the way of you becoming an online freelancer! Here are some ways you can make money online in Kenya.

Social Media Influencing

It must be the most popular way to make online money in Kenya today. With much gratitude given to the year 2020, there has been a massive rise and recognition of content creators in Kenya. 

Figure out what talent or niche you are ready to share with the world vigorously, and you are good to go! Indeed, do not forget the excellent lighting, impressive camera quality, and long hours of hard work. 

Most influencers prefer working with mobile money as it is easier to access. They should get their hands on financial services that let international brands wire transfer to Kenya quickly. 

Virtual Assistant 

Their skills relate to administrative, technical, and creative tasks such as managing schedules or social media accounts. They then offer their expertise to companies such as law firms, real estate agencies, and even individual entities. 

Furthermore, you have to ensure your rate speaks to your value. That way, your clients will not underpay your hard work. On that note, ensure you are backed up with the proper means to facilitate your online money transfers. 


A transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to recorded or live audio files and converts what they hear into text. Working as a transcriptionist can be a fun and exciting career for those with excellent attention to detail and a strong work ethic.

Depending on your skill level and expertise, you can earn $20 to $45 an hour transcribing at home! Plus, depending on your payment method, you can receive money via M-pesa from abroad. 


Becoming a blogger is another way of making money online in Kenya. Commonly with freelancers, the amount of money you make depends on the quantity of work you do. 

Making money online through blogs can be through affiliate marketing, advertising, and educational services. For a new blogger, the fastest way to earn extra money with your site is to start offering services and finding customers. 

Bottom line  

The gig economy is growing, and now most Kenyans are working as freelancers online. Some work with several clients abroad, meaning payments have to be wired online in dollars, pounds, or euros.

We have developed a favourable solution to help freelancers in Kenya set up a free online dollar/pounds/euros account that will help you get paid instantly and with reasonable charges and foreign exchange currencies without any charges. Create your account online for free, and sign up with Grey today!

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