High-income skills that will make you more money

Ngozi Enelamah


High-demand skills are those that help businesses profit more while also raising your earning potential. They boost your standard of living and bring you more joy. 

It can be challenging to discover high-demand abilities, but it may be worthwhile to find something lucrative. Finding the right talents can be aided by research and testing. Because of this, we prepared a list of skills that are in high demand, pay well, and are growing quickly. If you’re looking for new ways to boost your income, adding these skills to your skill set will be a great move.

Graphic Design

This profession involves a graphic designer creating visual content that communicates brand messaging. 

Who is a graphic designer? A graphic designer then is the person who develops these visual content for marketing or promotional campaigns created with computer software. The creative work happens in both print and online forms. 

Types of graphic designers

  1. Brand Identity Design: They create the identity, that is, the look and feel of the brand, that is, the visual appearance of the brand. They produce assets that convey a brand’s personality, such as logos, typography, colour schemes, and image collections.
  2. Marketing and Advertising Design: These designers are responsible for creating marketing assets for print advertising, social media advertising, marketing emails, websites, banners, brochures, and other marketing print needs. 
  3. Web/User Interface Graphic Design: You know those people we call UI designers? Here’s where they fall. They are responsible for creating designs for websites and Apps. They focus on users’ experience with the visuals of web and app pages, games interface, and theme designs.
  4. Motion Design: designers under this category focus on creating graphics that move, such as animation, video, and other effects used in online media, television, and film.

Digital Marketing

This profession gained popularity in the 90s and involves using digital marketing channels like websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to promote goods and services and connect with customers. 

Careers in digital marketing:

  1. Content strategist/manager: The duties of content managers and strategists include producing SEO-optimized material, developing social media strategies, supervising a team of writers, establishing an editorial calendar, creating compelling videos, reporting, and using analytics to make strategic decisions.
  2. SEO/SEM Specialists: They organize, carry out, and oversee the company’s overall SEO strategy. They typically handle various responsibilities, including web marketing, web analytics, content strategy creation, link development, and keyword strategy.
  3. Email marketing specialists: they are skilled marketers with copywriting and editing experience and are also in charge of marketing, launches, and PR initiatives based on a sizable customer information database and lists.
  4. Social media managers: these are experts at controlling a company, brand, product, or even an individual’s social media presence. The phrase “voice of the organisation” is frequently used to describe a social media manager.
    A little misconception about social media managers is that sometimes, they are referred to as community managers, but there’s a difference between them. A social media manager assumes the role of the brand in promoting the company’s products, and a community manager takes the part of a typical user to foster audience participation and offer help.

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Performance management

A performance manager is responsible for establishing a framework for staff members to work at their highest potential. Performance managers strive to explain end goals and match each employee’s work with these objectives rather than the conventional corporate method of employee appraisal and evaluation.

In this capacity, you can push for the creation of standards so that the company’s divisions or groups can assess their development in detail. This endeavour is ongoing. You must continually develop metrics to gauge achievement and motivate effort since benchmarks and goals must change.

Videography and Video editing

Customers are more than ever 'stingy' with their attention span. As a result, the rise in need for videography and editing to create compelling content. A videographer is in charge of filming video projects such as documentaries, live events, short films, commercials, and more.


A salesperson is in charge of presenting, persuading, and selling a good or service. It’s a skill that brands and companies strongly value. Based on commission payments, a salesperson can expand his earning potential; the more you sell, the more you make as you receive a percentage of what was sold.

Project Management

A project manager organizes, plans, and manages projects. They do these while adhering to constraints like budgets and timetables. Project managers are responsible for leading teams, setting objectives, communicating with stakeholders, and seeing a project through to completion.

Next step

Now that you’ve known the high-earning skills, the next step will be to move towards gaining those skills. You can do this by enrolling in courses, reading articles or documents online, or researching on Youtube.

It would help if you remembered that most of these skills are well-paying skills and make payments in foreign currencies. So, ensure you have a seamless payment platform like Grey that allows you to receive payments in USD, GBP, and EUR.

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