Adora: I lost thousands of pounds due to foreign exchange processes

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Adora is a freelancer in the education sector, and she works remotely for foreign countries all around the world. In this chat, she shares how she lost thousands of pounds using alternative exchange platforms and how Grey became the answer to her prayers.

Let’s start by getting to know a little more about you, Adora.

Hi, My name is Adora. I am an educator and a writer, currently transitioning into mental health training. I do a lot of freelance work in the education sector, particularly teaching kids and adults. Most of my work is with foreign companies in China, Japan, and all around the world, to be honest.

I thoroughly enjoy freelancing. I hate working 9-5, haha. And I don’t like earning in Naira because it isn’t always so stable. That’s why I aim for higher-paying jobs abroad that’ll give me security, especially with my money.

When I’m not doing that, I’m being a baby girl and living my best life.

As you should. What inspired you to take on this unique career path?

I like to call myself Dora the Explorer, haha. I like to explore, so I never settle. Even right now, I feel like I’m getting comfortable, and I don’t like that. This is because if you stay where you’re comfortable, you may have the potential to succeed, but you won’t get there because you won’t try.

So for me, I like to put myself out there. As I said, I didn’t like the 9-5 because I didn’t feel like it was paying me what my value was. I went to school abroad, studied law, and even as a lawyer, it wasn’t worth it.

I just felt like even if I worked so hard, they would never pay me my value or worth. I have so much to offer, and I have so much to gain.

So I started finding out ways to push past my state then. I’ll say I’m very good at finding out information. I can spend hours on the Internet, trying to find out new things.

But as soon as I find out new information, I like to share it with people around me. I don’t want to be the only one making money. We should all afford to travel and do all these things together.

Nice….So let’s talk about your relationship with us a little bit. How did you find out about Grey?

I heard about Grey from a friend. Her friend’s husband had been really ecstatic about the platform.

That was interesting because, as a freelancer, changing money to Nigeria has been the hardest, most difficult, and most expensive thing that has happened to me.

Paypal would charge ridiculous rates, and while my alternative method was cheaper, I’d lose so much money. It made me feel like I was just throwing my earnings away, to be honest.

This is how I’d do it;

Wise → My UK bank account → Binance → Swap → my NGN account.

It was crazy. With each transaction, I was losing money in fees and exchange rate discrepancies.

So when my friend told me there was an app like this that existed, I felt like God finally heard my prayers. I don’t know about your other users, but I have been the happiest person. Now my flow is just Wise to Grey. I do everything there - the swaps, using the NGN accounts, the USD card, everything.

I’ve become a Grey fanatic since then, recruiting everyone - my family, freelancers, friends, everyone.

Omo, it was indeed a lot. Did you try out any other similar app before Grey to see if they could do this, or was it just this transfer process for you?

I think I tried to use popular ones like the Western Union app. But it was just a complicated process. I tried to use Payday, but I found Grey’s usability and interface easier to use. It’s simpler and more straightforward. I’ve used others, but I can’t remember their names because of how stressful they were.

Are there any goals you’re trying to achieve that we can help you with?

Hmmm, in the past was struggling to get money, and Grey helped me get it faster and cheaper. Because sometimes, my previous process could take up to three days to complete. So I’d say compared to the suffering I was coming from, Grey has been heaven.

As for the future, it might have to do with transaction limits. I know there are certain checks for fraud, but I once recommended Grey to a higher-up, and he wanted to use it to pay for his child’s school fees. Then he asked me about the limit. So I’d say maybe more obvious limits.

Then there was an issue with sending money for a project once. The money was returned to my account, and I think it had to do with the Silvergate issue. So, having USD accounts back will make my life easier.

There’s been a lot of transactions I’ve needed to do, and I end up swapping to pounds which makes me lose a bit of money in FX.

Apologies for this. USD accounts will be back soon. It’s taking time because we want to work with the right credible partners so this issue doesn’t happen again.

How long do you typically spend on the mobile app?

A lot.  I don’t even keep money in my regular bank app because the Grey Naira account seems to be more efficient than my regular account. So I just save on Grey after conversion and move money to my spending account when necessary, which reminds me.

Please look into investments. We need a savings section on Grey. Somewhere I can lock up some money or an instance where once I spend, a percentage gets automatically saved too. Because right now, there’s no way to save on Grey.

We’re working on this, and we can’t wait to share it with you. On a scale from 1-10, how easy has it been for you to navigate the Grey app?

I’ll say 8 - 9. It wasn’t so hard to navigate.

Have you ever required customer support? Were they helpful in resolving your issue?

Hmm, I haven’t had a need for support. But a friend did, and he got a response not quite long after. So from hearsay, support seemed very helpful and prompt.

Finally, is there any other way we can make your experience on Grey better?

Get USD accounts back up - that’ll really make it easier. Then maybe lesser downtimes.

But generally, it’s been good. Grey is greying.

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