#GreyChat: Conversation with Joseph

Cassandra Collins


#GreyChat is a laid-back series where Grey users share their experiences with Grey. We discuss their relationship with money, tips for financial freedom and other fun anecdotes. Want to get featured? Click here

Joseph Akinde-Peters is an iOS native mobile developer who started writing code in 2011. His 11-year long career as a “tech-bro” started with him working as a Front-end developer and Android developer before he transitioned into his current role.  In this episode, he talks with us about how he has dealt with receiving foreign payments, his experience using Grey, and how fintech apps frustrate him sometimes.

What is the hardest thing about receiving money from abroad for you?

I would say the amount of time it takes to receive money. Since I am used to getting credited immediately after making direct transfers in Nigeria, it took some time to get used to this. A few years ago, I did a job, and it took me a week and a half to receive payment! Ten plus days o! Ah, after that happened, I knew that I could not continue on that way.

Even though I want to complete transactions quickly, the biggest challenge I face is the snail-like speed. Fortunately, I have not had to deal with it anymore since then.

So this means you work remotely and earn in dollars? God when o.

Lol. Yes, I work remotely and as a freelancer. Receiving my salary in foreign currency used to be hard until Grey happened.

We're blushing. So, how did you hear about us?

I first used Grey when it was still Aboki Africa.

So an OG user, wow. 

Yes! Then, people were still receiving their salaries from abroad through crypto, and I wasn't a fan. It seemed unstable to me. The other alternative was to use a guy at a bureau-de-change. When I heard about Grey and saw the rates were quite good, I decided to port.

Hmm, was it the right call?

Yes! Let me explain. I had wire transfers, a bureau-de-change, and a competitor that uses cryptocurrency. I decided to test Grey and that competitor. I sent the same amount to my Euro virtual account on Grey and to the other app. 

In a few minutes, my transaction was successful on Grey. An hour or two later, I was still waiting for my first confirmation on the other platform. On Grey, I had converted to Naira and even withdrawn funds to my Nigerian bank account. Eventually, it became too much of a hassle, and I knew which was better. 

One time, I tested it over the weekend. I initiated a transaction and got in the shower. By the time I was done, I had already gotten an email that the transaction was successful. Banks can experience delays over the weekend, but I can still rely on Grey. I uninstalled the other app finally because I found Grey to be much easier with better exchange rates. 

Our shoulders are high from all this love. 

I’m not even capping. I really like the speed and stability as well. I tested the Virtual Account feature with my Euro account when it was released, and at first, it seemed slow. However, the support team was very reliable, and it's been much faster since then. In the end, it comes down to speed, stability, and support. A support representative once contacted me on a Sunday morning about a ticket I had forgotten about and resolved it within a short time. 

Also, I am a visual person, so I appreciate products that look good. That speaks to an easy-to-use product. After referring people to it, I have never had to explain how to use it. I've used other finance apps and found them to be terrible, but with Grey, I find it to be a pleasure.

With all this praise, what's your favourite Grey feature?

Sure, the virtual account, but I'm even more excited about the mobile app as it will make Grey easier to use. People have also asked me if it's safe to keep money in their virtual accounts, but I have no answer. Although your website states that it is safe and you don't lend out money, I'm confident that I can trust it. I have no concerns.

I understand that. You're correct that we don't lend out your money like banks. It's always secure with our institutional partners, so you have nothing to worry about. In addition, we are a licensed money service business in Canada.

I see. Thank you for explaining this.

You've given us a lot of positive feedback. Tell us how we can make your #GreyXperience better?

Get me an app! I don't want to type in my password every time I log into a web app. I'll simply use my face ID when I log into an app. The only thing missing from my finance folder is the Grey app.

We hear you. Would you like to beta-test the Grey app?

H*ll yeah! Are we joking here? I would love to.

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