5 top sites to get remote foreign jobs for Africans

Baraka Mafole


In recent times, working remotely has become more popular amongst professionals. This popularity is mostly due to the flexibility, reduced commuting time and access to more opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries.

For many Africans, finding remote jobs abroad can significantly boost their careers, provide access to global markets, and competitive pay compared to local opportunities. Other reasons why Africans look for foreign remote jobs include:

  • Exposure: working with people with different work cultures and practices improves collaboration and cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Currency advantage: earning in stronger currencies provides a better purchasing power.
  • Networking: professionals have the opportunity to build a global network of contacts and connection within their industry.

With the rising cost of living, now more than ever, many Africans are looking for credible platforms where they can apply and land remote foreign jobs. In this blog post, we’ve complied a list of top five job websites to help you with your search.


Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that connects businesses with freelancers and part-time workers. With over 800k clients looking for freelancers and 10k jobs posted weekly, Upwork is an ideal platform for freelancers.

Although short-term jobs are typical on Upwork, long-term jobs have increased significantly since Upwork introduced contract-to-hire options for freelancers and clients.

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Lastly, Upwork has over 125 job categories you can apply for, such as marketing, writing and programming; therefore, as a freelancer, you should apply for job categories you’re interested in.


Toptal is the oldest platform for finding remote jobs. Initially, it started as a platform for software development and engineering jobs, but nowadays, it has expanded to design, finance and product management jobs.

Toptal has a unique onboarding process for freelancers. It prefers to work with only the best freelancers and aims to offer businesses 3% of their talent.

To be part of the Toptal’s talent pool as a remote worker, you must prepare for some screening tests and provide proof of your credentials.

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Webflow, Framer and Wix marketplace.

Webflow, Framer, and Wix are popular no-code website-building tools, but only a few know where to sell these skills. Webflow, Framer, and Wix have a dedicated portal for freelancers to apply for no-code website-building jobs.

Apart from getting clients from this marketplace, you can also sell templates, bringing recurring revenue.

According to reviews, getting clients in niche-based platforms like these marketplaces is more straightforward than getting jobs from generally saturated marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr.


Wellfound is a popular remote job platform, especially for remote workers looking to work with startup companies. Formerly, this platform was known as Angelist, and startups were using this platform as a base to hire freelancers.

This platform is also well known for salary transparency and discretion. Each job posted must include the annual salary in the header, and only the companies you applied for will know you’re seeking a job.


LinkedIn has evolved from a networking platform to a platform where people can look for remote jobs. It has several features, such as groups and a search option where you can connect to recruiters and apply to remote jobs directly.

Also, many employers ask for a LinkedIn profile during the hiring process. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a LinkedIn profile.

Wrapping up

Finding a remote job shouldn’t be a hassle and the five marketplaces discussed above are a great way to start your remote career. We’ve also collated over 100 websites to help you land your next foreign remote job. The best part is, with Grey, you can easily open a EU, US, and UK account to receive your payments as seamlessly as possible.

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