The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Freelancing Platform in 2024

Toluwani Omotesho


Freelancing has several perks – flexibility, autonomy, creative freedom, and a work-life balance. But it also has its fair share of challenges, the biggest being financial security. This is why many freelancers look for new gigs to maintain financial stability and avoid reliance on savings.

However, there are websites and job boards — freelance marketplaces that can help freelancers find new and profitable opportunities. We’ll be exploring some of these websites in this blog post.

But first, what are some important factors to consider when choosing a freelance marketplace?

  1. Types of projects: some websites and platforms post opportunities in specific industries like design, writing, or programming. Before signing up for a new job site, confirm that it aligns with your skills and interests.
  2. Terms and conditions: freelancing marketplaces have different conditions specific to them. For example, some job sites charge a signup fee, and others ask for a percentage on your commissions. You must be aware of the terms of the freelance website of your choice to ensure that your interests remain protected.
  3. Payment methods: before choosing a freelance marketplace, ensure it has payment systems that allow you to receive global payments securely and withdraw conveniently.

What are some of the best freelance marketplaces in 2024?


Upwork is a popular freelancing website that connects freelancers to clients and companies from around the world. It has jobs cut across various industries, including web development, writing, marketing, design, and support.

Upwork freelance platform 2024

To land gigs on this platform, after completing the verification process, you have to bid or pitch to projects that interest you. Upwork charges a service fee on the money you make, but this works on a sliding scale. For instance, you’re required to pay 20% of your first $500 bill, but this commission fee reduces as you make more money on the platform.

Although Upwork can seem overwhelming to navigate at first, taking time to understand and build your credibility on the platform can help you land high-paying projects from global clients.

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This freelance platform requires freelancers to undergo a 5-stage screening process before they get approved. This intensive selection process allows Toptal boast of having the top 3% of freelance talent.

Toptal freelance marketplace

Toptal shares exclusive job opportunities from leading companies and clients in software development, business consulting, and project management industries. It also has tools for time tracking and invoicing to make the payment process seamless and hassle-free for freelancers. is an excellent place for clients to find social media, web development, content, and marketing specialists.

freelance platform 2024

To land jobs in this marketplace, freelancers submit bids to client projects, outlining their approach, timeline, and price. In addition to this, features visual and design contests for freelancers to earn extra money and build a credible reputation on the site.


This is a creative marketplace that connects clients to freelance designers and artists. Designers typically land gigs by participating in design contests based on the client’s brief, who then selects the winning design.

Designhill freelance platform

Designhill also offers designers a free online store, allowing them to showcase their work and skills, increasing their visibility and attracting potential clients.

This freelance marketplace is free for freelance designers and charges no service fees. However, it only supports Payoneer and PayPal for payouts.


Fiverr is another popular freelance platform with freelancers offering services across various industries, such as digital marketing, social media, writing, web development, design, and voiceovers.

Fiverr freelance platform

Freelancers don’t have to send bids or pitches to clients; they only have to set up their profiles listing their services and prices. Although Fiverr provides free access for freelancers and offers skill development courses, it has a few cons:

  • High commission fee: Fiverr charges a commission fee of 20%
  • Delayed withdrawals: Freelancers can take up to 14 days to withdraw their earnings.


Taskrabbit, unlike other freelancing marketplaces, doesn’t specialize in professional opportunities. Instead, it connects clients with local freelancers who offer help with day-to-day tasks or odd jobs like household chores, moving, deliveries, or yard work.

Taskrabbit freelance platform

TaskRabbit charges no service fees, but freelancers have to pay a registration fee of $25 and are subject to background checks. One major pro of this freelance marketplace is that it offers a convenient way for businesses and individuals to outsource tasks and for freelancers to find work in their local area.

Wrapping up

As a freelancer, you’ll need a global account to receive and withdraw your earnings. We make this process seamless as you can connect your Grey virtual account to freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

You can also withdraw your earnings from payment platforms like Payoneer and PayPal directly to your Grey virtual account. Sign up today to get started.

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