Grey in Tanzania: Introducing TSh Balance, Payouts and More

Winner Ajibola


As a part of our mission to make it easier for digital nomads in Africa to live and work in the modern world,  we’re excited to announce that Grey is now live in Tanzania! This expansion means that freelancers and remote workers in Tanzania can now access a more straightforward way to receive international payments.

Over the last few months, we’ve added support for Kenya and rolled out Ugandan Shillings (UGX) payouts. We have also been working on significant partnerships to help freelancers, and remote workers further boost their income while providing all the financial support they need.

With Grey now available in Tanzania, more East Africans can seamlessly carry out cross-border and international transactions. You can now;

Get a Foreign Account in Tanzania

Create a free foreign bank account to receive and make foreign transactions from Tanzania. Choose to get a USD, EUR, or GBP account whenever you want.

These accounts all have routing numbers, so they are ideal for even business transactions. Once you're verified as a Grey user, you can get a foreign account instantly.

Send and Receive Foreign Currencies

Use your Grey foreign account to get paid in Pounds, Dollars, and Euros like a local from over 80 countries and receive your salary without stress. If you also have family members or business partners abroad, you can also send them money right from Grey. 

Send money from Tanzania to the United Kingdom, Germany, and many countries in Europe easily. 

Swap Foreign Currencies to TSh

Ditch the bank queues for a better exchange process. Convert your foreign currencies to TSh instantly on Grey. You can convert your USD, EUR, or GBP to TSh, and other African currencies like Kenyan Shillings, Ugandan Shillings, or Nigerian Naira. 

Tsh balance

This helps you travel seamlessly across countries because you can spend in their local currency. You can also exchange money on demand and swap the excess back to your local currency. 

Withdraw to Your Local Bank Accounts and Mobile Money

Withdrawals are instant, and you don’t need to visit a bank to withdraw. Once you convert your foreign currency into TSh, you can withdraw straight to your mobile money wallet.

Start carrying out foreign transactions from Tanzania by creating a Grey account. Grey is also available to download on the iOS and Google Play Store.

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