New Feature Updates

Winner Ajibola


How do you like updates? If just like me, you get excited about new features on your favorite apps, then you’d be excited about this post. 

After reviewing product recommendations from loyal customers like you, we’ve made significant modifications to improve your usage of the Grey platform.

We are excited to share that you can now expect to enjoy the following on Grey;

UGX Payouts: Hello Uganda! We’re finally bringing Grey to the doorstep of over 45 million Ugandan residents. So you can now swap your foreign currencies to UGX and make payments directly to any Ugandan account. How amazing is that?

One-time Registrations: This is one I am sure you’d be excited about. Ditch the long information forms when requesting foreign accounts. Now, at the point of registration, you’d submit all necessary information, so there’s no need to fill out any more forms on Grey. Your one-time registration got you sorted even while trying to create your foreign accounts. 

Instant Accounts: Thanks to our improved registration process, you no longer have to wait days to get a foreign account on Grey. Now, once you make a request, you’d immediately get your account & banking details.

Grey Tags: Create unique usernames so you can send and receive money to your contacts on Grey. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about collecting or entering long banking details for transactions. For now, you can only create a username as we’re working to ensure you can use it soon. So hurry before your preferred username gets taken. 

A Better User Experience: We moved a few things on both web and mobile. So, in addition to a better interface, you can enjoy a better experience while carrying out your transactions on both the webpage and app.

The addition of the new features demonstrates our dedication and willingness to keep working to enhance your interactions with us. We are eager to share more with you because there are more in the works. But for the time being, kindly upgrade your app and provide your feedback on our recent updates.

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