#GreyChat: Conversation with Ose

Cassandra Collins


#GreyChat is a laid-back series where Grey users share their experiences with Grey. We discuss their relationship with money, tips for financial freedom and other fun anecdotes. Want to get featured? Click here.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Ose started feeling redundant and suddenly realised his role was heavily dependent on the presence of other people. He decided he needed to do more and started learning how to code and left his position working in technical support. In this episode, Ose tells us all about himself, how frustrated he was after he’d first switched jobs and couldn’t find an easy way to receive his salary from his new company abroad, and how he discovered Grey from a tweet someone shared. 

Please tell us more about yourself, Ose!  

My name is Osemudiamen. Everyone calls me Ose, and I’m a software developer. For now, I’m a consultant with a company in the US. I wouldn’t say I like calling myself a freelancer, lol, so I’m a consultant with a company in the US called Buildlab. I’m with them contractually, and we build code and no-code applications. Before that, I worked in technical support for two years and four months with Michelin before switching to Software Development. 

A consultant living in Nigeria and earning in Dollars? You’re living the dream! What was your first experience like receiving your salary? 

See, it was hell at first. When I first started working with Buildlab, we spent a whole day figuring out how I’ll receive my remunerations. I tried several fintech companies that day. I even tried one that people had vouched for, but I realised they had a different rate for receiving and sending that is very different. It was terrible. 

Did you try another alternative? 

At some point, we also wanted to try cryptocurrency. I also wanted to try a top-rated fintech company based in the US, but I went down a rabbit hole of people complaining about them, so I didn’t bother myself.

How did you eventually hear about us?

I found a tweet from Abdul of Mono talking about Aboki Africa, and I think it was fate because it was the same day I was looking everywhere that I found that tweet, and I signed up immediately. I even started with 2 pounds to test the efficiency, and I was impressed. 

Phew! Is it safe to say the stars aligned then? 

Yes, it did align o. Receiving dollars was the most challenging thing for me before I found Grey. Some services have terrible rates, and some have hectic sign up processes that thoroughly exhaust you, so it was a relief to find Grey.  

Awww, look at us instantly, making life easier for you! 

In all honesty, I have peace of mind when I receive money and can send withdrawals to my local bank account. Sometimes I run clocks on you guys because I want to see how fast you are and I’m never disappointed. Overall, the ability to receive USD fast is the most significant value I have gotten from Grey. 

Wow! So you’ve been testing us? Did we pass all of your tests?  

Lmao! Yes, I have. When my first paycheck landed from the US company I work with, and I started carrying out all my transactions fast, I knew that I had made the right choice with Grey. The check came in on 14 December, and I can never forget the date. That’s how memorable it was for me.  

Can you honestly say we’ve improved the quality of your financial life?

 You guys have because now that I use Grey, I don’t have to go out to the bank & find someone with a favourable rate to exchange Naira for me. I saw my mother do that a lot and how stressful it was for her. Grey takes away all of that stress at a very reasonable rate.  

Now that you’ve acknowledged that we’ve made life easier for you, will you be referring friends and family to Grey?  

It would help ask all my friends and colleagues who referred them to Grey. If you interview anyone that I know, ask them if it’s Ose that referred them. Even the people who work in Nigeria who don’t get paid in foreign currencies, I tell them to sign up and request a virtual account. Just do it. 

Indeed you have a favourite feature with all the beautiful things you’ve had to say? 

 I do, and it is the virtual account. It’s simply amazing that with one account number, I can receive USD, and with another, I can receive EUR and withdraw to my local bank account.

I love to see it! Have you had any issues in the past using a fintech app?

See, it has to be one app like that. I wanted to pull all of my money out, and the withdrawal charge was hefty. I was like, ahan, on my own money? I tried to talk to them, and they insisted I pay the costs, and it was a lot of money. In my head, I was like, no wahala now. You people won’t see me again. 

 Lmao, we are sorry to hear that. Speaking of apps, would you like to beta-test the Grey app?  

Ahan! Yes, please! Please bring it on; I’ll love to try it.

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