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Nana is a content creator and a new mum based in the United Kingdom. In this chat, she shares how she has to send money back to Nigeria and her experience with Grey.

Hello, Please tell us a little more about yourself, Nana. 

Hi, My name is Nana Dania, and I’m a new mom living in the UK.

I used to work as a content creator in charge of creating content for some companies, mostly as a freelancer. However, lately, I’ve had to take a step back and spend some time raising my baby. So once he’s up to a year old, I’ll get back to work. It’s not easy coping with a new baby. 

We’re sure you’re doing an amazing job with him. How long have you been in the UK? 

I’ve been in the UK for almost two years. Before that, I lived in Nigeria. I started using Grey say about a year ago, and I’ve stuck to it because it’s easy for me to send money back home at relatively inexpensive rates. Sometimes, I don’t think you guys even charge me. 

I also kinda like it cause I can just move money from my PayPal to my Grey app. 

Although. there was an issue I had with the Grey account. When my account number was changed, I didn’t know about it. I sent money through my PayPal, and then it didn’t deliver. I was worried for a bit because then it was just stressful.

Your customer support was helpful, so it got resolved. Everything is back to normal now. I like the app, and I think I’ll definitely recommend it.

Aww, we’re glad that our support team came through. Can you share how you found out about Grey? Seeing as you found us in the UK

It was actually a friend that introduced it to me, and I was like, okay, I’ll give it a try. 

Hmm, do you just send the foreign currencies home or do you swap to Naira?  

The person I send it to also has a Grey USD account. So it’s much easier for them to make the exchange themselves. I make this exchange sometimes, but it's just more convenient to have them do it themselves.

Was it easy convincing your family member to create a Grey account?

It was. I think we Africans really don’t care much about the means as long as we get our money. Hahaha

Well, it might just be my mentality toward it. I don’t like stress. So as long as it’s easy, straightforward, and it does the job, I don’t mind. I think a lot of people are like me too. 

Nice. Can you share how you were sending money before moving to Grey?

I used to send money through world remit before. But the charge for every transaction was just a lot. And the rates were too inconsistent. That’s why I decided to find another solution.

We can relate. What would you say is your favorite Grey feature?

Hmmmmm….. Can I say I have a favorite feature? 

I just like that it’s fast. Then I don’t have to worry that my money is hanging somewhere. So the speed and security.  I’m really always relaxed when using Grey. 

Even when I had an issue with my account and the money didn’t deliver within three weeks. While it was worrisome, I wasn’t exactly still worried, you get? The team was constantly assuring me. Every time I reach out, they were helpful. 

There was a time I was like you know what, send me a receipt so I’m sure it really went back to my PayPal account, and I got it within 24 hours. So things like this are why I like the app.

Thank you. Is there any feature you’d like to have on Grey at the moment that isn’t available yet?

To be honest, I’m not really great at picking out problems. As long as I’m comfortable with a product or service, I’ll stick to it. 

Except maybe there’s a change in the future that I’m not comfortable with. But for now, I’m fine with everything. Of course, if I’m no longer satisfied, I will definitely raise a ticket to complain.

So with your experience over the last couple of months, do you have any advice for a new mom trying to get back into the corporate world?

I’d say don’t try to overdo it. Being a mom is stressful and especially in this country where you may not have your family around. So even if you want to get back immediately and hire a nanny, when you think about how much it’ll cost, second thoughts will come in. 

You also need to take breaks cause it’s tiring and sometimes depressing. So try to take it one day at a time.

Thank you Nana. Do you have any questions for the Grey team?

Just a piece of advice. I really like this app, please don’t change for bad.

Haha, we definitely won’t. Thank you, and our love to your baby.

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