A list of visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders

Ngozi Enelamah


For many Nigerians, traveling the world is a dream, but understanding visa procedures may frequently be challenging. However, you can travel to many nations as a Nigerian without requesting for a visa. All you have to do is literally show up at their border.

In this post, we’ll look at the countries where Nigerian nationals can go without a visa to learn about other cultures, take in stunning landscapes, and have lifelong experiences.

The Importance of Visa-Free Travel for Nigerian Passport Holders

Before looking into some of these countries, here are a few reasons why countries work on a visa-free partnership and why it’s important;

1. Improvements to Tourism and Cultural Exchange

Visa-free travel opens doors to new places and cultures, encouraging more tourism and cross-cultural interaction. Nigerian visitors are encouraged to discover various landscapes and historic places and immerse themselves in local traditions because they can travel to other countries without worrying about getting a visa.

The visitors and the host communities benefit from this cultural interaction, which fosters respect and understanding.

2. Increase in Global Business Opportunities

Business opportunities for holders with Nigerian passports are facilitated by visa-free travel. It makes conferences, trade shows, and meetings accessible to businesspeople, investors, and professionals without the inconvenience of time-consuming visa applications.

This expedited procedure promotes international relationships, investments, and collaborations, which supports economic expansion and development.

3. Strengthened Diplomatic Relations

Visa-free travel is essential for developing diplomatic ties between nations. A symbol of collaboration and trust is when a nation grants visa-free travel to nationals of Nigeria. It promotes cordial relations and diplomatic communication and prepares the ground for upcoming trade, education, and cultural exchange partnerships.

Challenges Faced by Nigerian Passport Holders

When applying for visas, Nigerian passport holders frequently need help with difficulties. Numerous factors can deter people from traveling the world, including strict visa requirements, protracted processing delays, and expensive visa fees.

There is a bright spot, though: an increasing number of nations have adopted visa-free travel regulations to encourage tourism and strengthen international ties after realizing the potential of Nigerian visitors.

Visa-Free Countries for Nigerian Passport Holders

So if you’re planning a budget trip and you’d like to save on visa fees, here are the nations that let citizens of Nigeria enter without a visa:

1. Benin

Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, Benin is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the ancient kingdom of Dahomey and its legacy at the Royal Palaces of Abomey.

Witness the awe-inspiring Voodoo culture, visit the enchanting Ganvie, the Venice of Africa, or embark on a wildlife safari in Pendjari National Park. Benin’s warm and vibrant atmosphere will captivate you with its cultural tapestry.

2. Barbados

Bliss and tropical delights in the eastern Caribbean give visitors from Nigeria a taste of paradise. This island getaway is a beach lover’s paradise with pure white-sand beaches, blue waterways, and year-round sunshine.

Enjoy mouthwatering Bajan food, snorkeling, or scuba diving to see the beautiful marine life and get lost in Bridgetown’s rich culture and history. The Caribbean treasure of Barbados will leave you wanting more.

3. Cape Verde

Love spending time on the beach? Well, Cabo Verde is an island country many people love to have their getaway. It is formed of ten islands, and they primarily speak Portuguese. Cape Verde is visa-free to Nigerians, so all you have to do is just show up at the border with your National passport.

4. Fiji

The South Pacific country of Fiji offers Nigerians a visa-free stay of up to four months and does so with open arms. Beautiful coral reefs, lush jungles, and hospitable inhabitants make Fiji a unique tropical destination.

5. Cooks Island

Travel to the isolated Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean’s center for the perfect tropical retreat visa-free for the first 31 days of your stay. Enjoy the relaxed island way of life, take in the splendor of palm-lined beaches, and go snorkeling in pristine lagoons filled with marine life. For Nigerian tourists looking for paradise, Rarotonga and Aitutaki provide the ideal balance of leisure and exploration.

6. Maldives

Famous for its luxury resorts, overwater bungalows, and turquoise lagoons, the Maldives offers Nigerian passport holders a visa-free stay of up to 30 days, allowing them to indulge in the ultimate tropical escape.

7. Burkina Faso

Travelers from Nigeria can experience a distinctive fusion of customs and breathtaking scenery in this landlocked nation in West Africa: Discover Sindou’s remarkable rock formations and Banfora’s waterfalls’ mesmerizing splendor.

8. Togo

This list will only be complete with including Togo. Bright Markets and Cultural Delights, Togo, a country on the Gulf of Guinea, draws tourists from Nigeria with its vibrant marketplaces, age-old celebrations, and extensive cultural history. Take part in the Togolese culture’s traditional dances and music, or take a beautiful stroll through the Kpalimé highlands.

9. Gambia

Nigerian tourists can get a sense of the rich culture and breathtaking natural beauty of the region in The Gambia, all visa-free. Situated on the coast of West Africa, explore the historic stone circles of Wassu, go on a river safari along the Gambia River, or peruse the crowded marketplaces of Banjul.

Visit the National Museum to immerse yourself in the nation’s history or unwind on Sanyang’s gorgeous beaches. The Gambia is intriguing, thanks to its warm temperature, welcoming population, and varied fauna.

10. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Sounds new to you too? Saint Kitts and Nevis, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, draws tourists from Nigeria with its breathtaking scenery, spotless beaches, and welcoming people. Relax on the golden sands, swim in the azure water, or partake in aquatic activities like diving and snorkeling. Experience the thrill of a daring zip line trip while exploring the UNESCO-designated Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park and the lively local culture.

11. Ivory Coast

A perfect blend of tradition and Modernity. Ivory Coast, a country in West Africa, draws tourists from Nigeria with its thriving marketplaces, breathtaking scenery, and rich cultural history. Experience the colonial beauty of Grand-Bassam, a historic city that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

12. Cameroon

Where Nature and Culture Meet. Immerse yourself in Douala’s vibrant markets, sample delectable Cameroonian cuisine, and watch the traditional dances and ceremonies of numerous ethnic groups. The natural wonders and cultural variety of Cameroon will leave an indelible impact.

13. Dominica

For Nigerian citizens, Dominica is visa-free for up to six months. It's a location that will always surprise you, from its magnificent cities to its harsh interior.

14. Montserrat

With a few exceptions, this is also visa-free for Nigerians. On the day of travel, the passport must have six months of validity remaining. Two visa pages in the passport must be free of any markings.

15. Senegal

Nigerians do not require a tourist visa to visit Senegal. Nigerian citizens do not need a visa to enter Senegal. The visit visa stay is usually limited to 90 days. The applicant does not need to be present when applying for a free Senegal visa, and we recommend learning a little French before booking your trip. When you’re there, visit the House of Slaves and the Bandia Reserve.

16. Vanuatu:

Vanuatu is a Y-shaped archipelago comprising 83 relatively small, geologically younger volcanic islands. Nigerian passport holders can stay in Vanuatu for a maximum of 30 days.

17. Ghana

The list would not be complete without Ghana. Ghana is popular for its rich culture and traditions. Being quite similar to Nigeria, you can expect to enjoy the warmth of its citizens, tons of beaches, and forestry. Nigerians do not need a tourist visa to visit Ghana. In fact, you can stay up to 90 days in Ghana without requiring a visit visa too.

Wrapping up

There are more visa-free countries for Nigerian passport holders to explore. However, it would help if you remembered that you aren’t limited to these countries. You can also explore visa-on-arrival countries like Rwanda, Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Somalia and Cambodia.

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