How to Get Paid by Amazon in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania with Grey

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If you’re an African freelancer working with the Amazon Associates program, you’ve probably thought about how to receive your payments directly into your bank account. 

Previously, you could only get paid via an Amazon gift card. However, thanks to the recent international direct deposit option, you can now get the actual money. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to withdraw your Amazon earnings and convert them to your local currency if you’d prefer.

How Can Amazon Pay Me in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania?

For Amazon affiliates or associates living in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania, you can use two major options to receive payments. They include;

1. Gift Cards

With this option, you can use your earnings from amazon’s affiliate program to purchase directly from the platform.

Now while this is an excellent option if you have short-term needs, there are also shipping fees to consider. Also, you might want to spend some of your earnings on a different platform. 

2. International Bank Accounts

Once you have a USD, EUR, or GBP account within the 52 Amazon-supported countries, you can get your earnings paid directly into that account. 

While the United States, the United Kingdom, and EU countries are included, you cannot receive payments with your domiciliary accounts. This is because these accounts reside in your home country and do not meet the requirements.

Fortunately, all Grey foreign bank accounts are domiciled in these supported countries, which means you can use them to receive your Amazon payments.

What Kind of Payments Can I Receive from Amazon Using Grey?

You can process Amazon payments with Grey as long as they are;

  • Earnings from amazon affiliate links
  • Amazon FBA earnings
  • Earnings from verified products listed on Amazon
  • Amazon KDP or eBook royalties for those who sell copies of their books on the platform

How to Receive Amazon KDP and Affiliate Payments in Africa with Grey

So if you'd like to receive Amazon affiliate payments in Nigeria, Amazon KDP payment in Kenya or even Amazon FBA payments in Tanzania, it's possible. However, before anything, you need to create your virtual USD, GBP, or EUR account from Grey. With this, you’d have all the required banking details like a SWIFT code, sort code, IBAN, and more. 

Here’s a guide to follow on how to get yours. 

Open a Grey Account;

  • Sign up for a Grey account and ensure you’re verified
  • On the dashboard, tap on ‘Accounts & Reports’ located at the left bar on your screen
  • Tap on the account you’d want to create
request for a grey GBP account
  • You’d get your account information in a few minutes

Once you have your account information, you can link it to your Amazon account.

For Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

  • Log in to your Amazon Kindle account
  • Click on ‘Your Account’
  • Select ‘Getting paid’
  • Enter your Grey virtual account details and Save

For Amazon Affiliates;

  • Log in to your Amazon associates account
  • Visit the settings page by hovering over your email address and scrolling towards ‘Payment and Tax information’
  • Under this section, select ‘Change payment method.’
  • Choose ‘Direct deposit.’
  • Select the country that corresponds with your bank address, for example, if your Grey GBP account is located in London, select ‘United Kingdom’
  • You’ll get a form - enter your Grey account details. Remember, your Grey virtual account is a checking account.
  • Review the form and click on 'Submit.'

Fun fact - By switching your payment method to direct deposit, you can still choose to receive some earnings as Gift cards by switching back.

How to Transfer My Amazon Earnings to a Local Bank Account

With Grey, you can receive your payments directly to a foreign bank account, as illustrated above. If you’d like to convert this money into Kenyan Shillings, Naira, or Ugandan Shillings, here’s how to do this here;

  • Login to your Grey account
  • Tap on the balance you want to convert from. In this example, we’re using GBP.
  • Next, tap on ‘Swap GBP’
convert GBP on Grey
  • Choose your preferred local currency, enter the amount  and tap on ‘Proceed’
transfer GBP to local currency on Grey
  • Swapping is instant on Grey. Once you get the equivalent in your local balance, tap on that balance.
  • Next, select Send
send NGN on Grey
  • If you have your account saved as a beneficiary, you can tap on that else, select ‘Send to New Recipient’
currency send options on Grey
  • Enter the account details or mobile money details
send NGN to new recipient on Grey
  • Your funds will be sent to that account. 

Wrapping Up

Getting your freelance payments from Amazon shouldn’t be tough. With a Grey account, you can receive money from anywhere in the world and swap it to your local currency. 

We hope this article has helped make things a lot easier for your work. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues who also earn from Amazon.

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