Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in 2024

Toluwani Omotesho


The gig economy is on the rise, and a lot of professionals are switching to freelancing. But that’s not all. Many companies are also engaging freelancers from freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to work on one-off or recurring projects.

If you’re considering freelancing to boost your income or for its flexibility and autonomy, we’ve compiled a list of high-paying freelance jobs for 2024. And you can choose the job role that best aligns with your skills.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Professional:

As AI becomes increasingly popular, there is a demand for professionals who specialize in developing, deploying, and maintaining AI systems and technologies used in diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, automotive, and technology.

AI professionals must be experts or have a background in machine learning, data science, robotics, natural language processing, and computer science and must also be creative, adaptable, and problem solvers. The average hourly rate for AI professionals is $55.

Virtual Assistant:

Freelance virtual assistants make an average of $24 per hour and their duties typically involve providing administrative support to businesses and entrepreneurs. These administrative duties may include data entry, email correspondence, scheduling appointments, and itinerary management.

As a virtual assistant, you should familiarize yourself with productivity tools to streamline your process and improve efficiency.

Mobile App Developer:

Mobile app developers are responsible for designing and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Some skills required to work as a mobile app developer include knowledge of programming languages like Java, Swift, or Kotlin. You’ll also need good problem-solving skills and creativity to deliver high-quality apps.

The average pay for freelance mobile app developers is around $38 per hour.

Project Manager:

Project managers are crucial to the success of many businesses across various fields, including tech, finance, construction, marketing, and even government. They oversee projects from inception to completion, ensuring that the product is successfully launched within the given time frame and budget.

Some essential skills project managers need to manage teams effectively include communication, risk management, negotiation, and adaptability. Freelance project managers usually earn between $19 to $45 per hour.


Content is the one thing that will always be in demand by organizations regardless of the industry, as it plays a crucial role in branding and audience engagement. This is why copywriting is one of the most popular freelance jobs, as companies need copies for emails, articles, websites, ebooks, social media, advertisements, and product descriptions.

As a freelance copywriter, it’s essential to understand SEO principles, writing and editing tools, and, more importantly, compelling storytelling. Freelance copywriters earn an average of $35 hourly.

Web designer:

First, web designers are different from web developers because web developers focus on the site’s functionality, while they focus on creating the visual assets of a website, i.e., user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

Some common tools and skills for freelance web designers are wireframes, typography, and branding. The average job role for freelance web designers is around $30 per hour.

Video Editor:

Video editors are needed by clients to review and edit raw client footage into compelling video content that speaks to the client’s brand and messaging. Video editors usually earn around $15 to $30 hourly and some of their video editing software include Adobe Premiere Pro, Movavi Video Editor, and Corel VideoStudio Ultimate.

Social Media Manager:

More brands now realize the importance of social media in building brand awareness and loyalty.

Many brands work with freelance social media managers to promote their products, develop campaigns, create engaging content, and interact directly with their audience.

A good social media manager is expected to optimize content strategies, analyze content metrics, and understand different social media platforms in-depth. The average pay for freelance social media managers usually ranges between $14 to $35 per hour.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you decide to freelance part-time or full-time, you must put in work to improve your skills so you can get a steady flow of gigs and opportunities. Also, Grey has your back to help you receive global payments from international brands and clients without hassle. Open your Grey account today to get started.

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