Grey Virtual Cards are Here!

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At Grey, we are committed to making working and living easier for remote workers or digital nomads. So while at work, we understand that you might want to bop to your favorite playlist on Spotify. 

At the end of a long day, you’re probably also looking forward to watching a nice movie on Netflix. But, to enjoy these, you need an easier way to pay for stuff online.

This is why we’re super excited to announce that we’re launching Grey Virtual Cards! Now you can shop, stream, subscribe, and pay for any online transaction in the world.

How Does the Grey Virtual Card Work?

The Grey virtual card is a digital USD Mastercard that allows you to make payments online directly from your USD balance.

If you don’t have a Dollar account on Grey, you can simply top up in your local currency and swap it to the USD equivalent - which will be automatically stored in your USD balance.

You can fund your card with Dollars and spend in any currency. You can also use it online wherever Mastercards are accepted globally. Like a physical card, you’ll get a card number, expiry date, and CVV whenever you need to make a purchase.

So whether you’d like to pay for an online course or streaming services like HBO, book a flight, pay for your Shopify store or splurge on ASOS, Zara, and more, there’s a Grey Card to the rescue. 

Cool Feature: Temporarily freeze and unfreeze your card whenever you lose it or want to limit your spend

How to Create Your Grey Virtual Card

Ready to get your card on Grey? Simply follow the steps below;

  • Follow the subsequent steps and get your card

If you’d like to know more about the virtual cards on Grey, visit our FAQ page here.

So are you ready to enjoy the new payment experience on Grey? Download the mobile app on Playstore or App Store to get your Grey virtual card today.

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