Announcing Our Pre-Seed Funding🎉

The Grey Team


Grey (formerly Aboki Africa) started with a clear goal in mind: to simplify the process of currency exchange. After our MVP launch in June 2020, we returned to the drawing board and re-launched our product in July 2021.

We had a new goal in mind: simpler processes needed to start somewhere, and we were going to make that happen.

We released our updated product with a mission to build "TransferWise for Africa", as Idorenyin, one of our co-founders, puts it.

Fast forward to now, we think that what we have been able to achieve as a team is impressive.

Today, we are glad to announce that we have completed our pre-seed funding round led by Abdul Hassan (CEO of Mono), alongside Niche Capital Limited, Ingressive Capital, and other strategic investors.

Aboki Africa (now Grey) - global foreign accounts for Africans

Grey (formerly Aboki Africa) is a service that provides foreign accounts for Africans. According to our founders, Idorenyin Obong and Femi Aghedo - it is the easiest way to send and receive international payments without restrictions. We currently offer GBP and EUR foreign accounts to our customers with USD and other currencies coming soon.

Speaking with Femi Aghedo, our other co-founder and COO, he said, " We built Aboki Africa (sic) out of necessity. I have had personal experiences with the pain points we are trying to alleviate. People who work and do business remotely should not have to jump through hoops to receive payments. We are fixing that."

We are proud of the team that we have built and how far we have come. It is remarkable to see how much we have accomplished with a small, passionate team, and we're excited that we have the best partners backing us.

With this new funding, we will primarily invest in scaling our product and expanding our core team. We will be hiring soon and, all future openings will be available here.

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