How to Use USSD Codes to Transfer Money in Nigeria

Ngozi Enelamah


Financial service providers are constantly looking for ways to make banking accessible to their users, hence the introduction of bank transfer codes.  Bank transfer codes have made life more convenient and easier for people as they can easily use the shortcodes to access their bank accounts 24/7. 

These codes consist of numbers and are used to transfer funds from one account to another, request loans from your bank, make airtime purchases and much more as your bank provider allows. 

Why Should You Use USSD Codes to Transfer Money in Nigeria

Some of the benefits of Bank transfer codes are;

  • Money transfer 
  • Bill payment 
  • Data purchase 
  • Check bank balance

A List of Nigerian Bank USSD Codes

If you're thinking about how to transfer money using USSD in Nigeria, you simply need to know the codes for your bank. Some of the codes to bear in mind as a Nigeria account user with banks that are internationally authorized include;

1. GT Bank: The 737 is one of those codes that is difficult to forget because of how it was publicized. A breakdown of some of its unique codes and their uses. 

GT-bank ussd codes

See more GT Bank codes and their functions.

2. First Bank: The unique code is 894. A convenient and secure way to bank with First bank without using the internet

first-bank-ussd codes

3. Zenith Bank: their easy banking code is *966#

zenith bank ussd codes


4. United Bank of Africa (UBA): The magic number is *919#

UBA ussd codes

5. Access Bank: The official unique code is *901# and comes at a fee of N6.98k 

access bank ussd codes

6. Fidelity Bank: Their official unique shortcode is *770#. This code leads you to the biller category where you pick function options. 

fidelity bank ussd codes

7. Union Bank: Don’t be an uncle Thomas, use the union bank short code *826#

See more Union Bank codes and their functions.

8. First city monument bank (FCMB):  Would you like to take charge, then do it with *329#

fcmb ussd codes

See more FCMB codes and their functions

Are Bank Transfers Safe to Use?

When used correctly, bank transfer codes are safe and secure ways to transfer funds, pay bills, and make other bank transactions. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while using them: 

  1. Make sure your pin is protected at all times 
  2. Ensure each transaction is carried out on your device 
  3. Always confirm recipient details

To get started with bank transfer code, dial the universal code numbers on your registered device and follow the instructions you see. 

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