How to receive foreign payments in Kenya as a freelancer or remote worker

Ngozi Enelamah


Have you ever wondered how to receive online payments in Kenya as a freelancer or remote worker? You’re not alone. This is because, as the world becomes more digital, opportunities do, too, especially true for freelancers, remote workers, and people who require online services. 

This opportunity allows innovation, especially in the Kenya online payment service scheme.

Five Ways to Receive Online Payments in Kenya.

There are several ways to receive online payments in Kenya as a freelancer or remote worker. The most popular methods include mobile money, credit/debit cards, money transfer services, wire/bank transfers, and Grey. 

Mobile Money: 

One of the most popular ways to receive online payments in Kenya is through mobile money. 

Kenya has a very developed mobile money system, with the most popular platforms being M-Pesa and Airtel Money. You will need to provide your mobile money number to the payer to receive payments via mobile money. 

After completing the transaction, your mobile money account will receive the payment. M-Pesa offers direct transfers to mobile wallets through partnerships with money transfer companies like MoneyGram and Western Union.

Credit/Debit Cards:

Credit or debit cards are another widely used means of receiving online payments in Kenya. You must give the payer your card information to receive payments made with a credit or debit card. Once completed, payments will get deposited into your card account.

Money Transfer Services:

Western Union and MoneyGram are two of Kenya’s most popular money transfer providers for accepting online payments. Users can send money via these online or physical retail locations. 

You must open an internet transfer account, pay for your transfer, and then send the money to your family in Kenya. Bank transfers, cash pickups, and mobile money transfers are the three main ways to send money to Kenya utilizing money transfer services.

Wire Transfers:

Wire transfers are another typical means of receiving payments online in Kenya. 

A wire transfer is a form of electronic money transmission. This method of payment has a reputation for being quick and safe. Most Kenyans living abroad send money home using interbank transfers. 

Using wire transfers, you can make SWIFT transfers from your account abroad to a Kenyan bank account. To receive payments via wire transfer, you must provide your bank account details to the payer. Once payment is approved, funds will get deposited into your bank account.

Grey App:

Grey is another way creatives and businesses can receive online payments in Kenya. We aim to make cross-border transactions hassle-free for freelancers, remote workers, and creators, enabling them to get paid like locals.

This application allows users to spend less on foreign transaction fees by accessing fast international transfers with actual international bank account details. 

With the mobile app, you can open a global bank account for free in minutes to send payments, receive payments and convert to your local currency in one app. You can quickly receive or send money in USD, EUR, and GBP. 

Challenges with receiving online payments in Kenya

Transferring money online to Kenya has never been easier, as there are different ways and apps to do it. But with such great innovation comes great risk, especially in Kenya. 

  1. Lack of trust: There’s been a high level of fraud, and as a result, many people are distrustful of online payments.
  2. Lack of reliable payment processors: There are few reliable payment processors in Kenya, which makes it challenging to receive online payments.
  3. Lack of awareness: Many people in Kenya are unaware of online payments and how to use them.
  4. High fees: Online payments in Kenya often come with increased fees, which makes them less attractive to users.

Why use Grey?

Grey is a finance application made for Africans by Africans. Our innovative technology allows users to send and receive money quickly and at the best rates. It also allows you to convert in seconds without hidden charges.  

How to use the Grey App to receive foreign payments in Kenya

To access it, log in to

-From there, sign up and verify your email address. 

-Next, complete your KYC verification by uploading a valid ID card. Once verified, sign into your account. 

-On the dashboard, tap on ‘Accouns,’ which you’d see on the left side of the screen. 

-Request a virtual account from the options available and fill in your ID details.

-Fill in your address details, upload a recent utility bill and click on finish

Once you receive your Virtual account, you can start sending and receiving money online.


Receiving payments from abroad is a task that should be easy and uncomplicated. With Grey, we allow users to receive USD, EUR, and GBP payments in Kenya at an affordable rate. As a remote worker or freelancer, there now is an app that caters to you and your goal of receiving online payments in Kenya.

Want to get started with receiving international payments into your foreign bank account? Start by opening a foreign account.

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