Here's how to track how much you’ve earned on Grey referrals

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Last year, we launched referrals - a way to earn whenever you invite your friends, acquaintances, and family to Grey.

We’re excited that many of our valued users have used this feature.

So, why not make it even more fun? This is why we’ve made some improvements, and now referrals have a new look!

What’s Changed?

With the new referral dashboard on Grey, you can now;

  • See your referrals who really opened a Grey account
  • Track how much you’ve earned on each referral and
  • See your total referral earnings

How to Track My Referrals on Grey

If you’ve been referring your friends to Grey and you want to see how much you’ve earned so far, here’s how to do this.

On Web

  • Login to your Grey account
  • On the navigation section located on the left, tap on referrals
  • You’d see the dropdown of everyone you’ve referred to Grey
Grey referral dashboard web
  • On this page, you can also see your earnings from day one.

On Mobile

grey mobile dashboard
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Affiliates & Referrals’
grey more section on mobile
  • You’d see a dropdown of all your referrals and earnings.
grey referral dashboard mobile

On this same dashboard, you can see your referral code, copy and share it directly with other members of your network.

Remember, when you refer anyone to Grey, and they hit the $500 mark in deposits, you both get $5 in your balance. Plus, you can refer as many people as possible with no limits.

We hope that with these new updates, you can keep track of your referral earnings and see how lucrative it’s been for you. If you haven’t referred anyone yet, we also hope it inspires you to start today.

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