Balancing remote work and personal life: Insights from Jude Dike

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Remote work has become increasingly popular, offering employees the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. As a company committed to remote work, fostering a positive work environment conducive to creativity and accommodating personal commitments is one of our foundational values. We recently had the honour of hosting Jude Dike, the CEO and co-founder of Get Equity, in a Twitter Chat session. In this post, we will explore Jude’s insights on balancing remote work with one’s personal life. 

A Little Background on Our Speaker

Jude Dike has a wealth of experience in the tech and venture capital industry. He began his career in 2018 as the Chief Technology Officer and Engineering Manager at Comflo Inc., where he supervised a team on a project for a proprietary blockchain MVP, wrote test cases, and created proofs of concept for innovative new solutions. Jude is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of GetEquity, a full-stack investment and fundraising platform. He is also a venture partner at Wefunder, the largest crowdfunding platform in the world, and RaliCap, a $30m+ fund specialising in B2B infrastructure across evolving economies.

Why is it essential to have a healthy work-life balance?

During the Twitter chat, Jude offered valuable insights into balancing remote work with personal life. He shared tips on strategically making time for hobbies and personal commitments while advancing your tech career. He also emphasises the role of employers in providing a company culture that promotes healthy work-life balance.

Managing A Busy Schedule as a CEO

Jude relies on a combination of strategies to manage his schedule effectively. 

  • Exercising: He emphasises the importance of a gym routine for mental grounding, especially when working remotely.
  • Delegation: If you can delegate tasks, do it! Delegating tasks will free up your time so that you can focus on the most important things.
  • Conscious Playtime: He also encourages making time for leisure and social activities. 

Staying Productive Without Sacrificing Personal Time

Jude highlights the significance of recognising your peak and low work periods. He also encourages building productive habits and understanding your work preferences for optimal productivity. He also discusses the importance of discipline and setting a schedule to help you stay focused.

Setting Boundaries

The chat highlights the importance of setting boundaries in workplaces. Jude acknowledges that remote work often requires some flexibility in work hours. He uses a meeting calendar to set clear boundaries and shares his schedule to help others respect his work hours. It also helps set expectations for availability.

Company culture and remote work

It’s no news that company culture plays a significant role in fostering a positive remote work culture. Virtual on-site, town-hall meetings and intentional welfare efforts contribute to a healthier work environment. Jude also advised startup founders to set realistic goals and be prepared for the sacrifices that come with entrepreneurship.

Balancing work and side hustles

While It’s a personal choice to prioritise earning more cash over personal time, Jude says everything is a cost/benefit play. He also shares his realisation that life is not a do-over, and it’s crucial to enjoy the rewards of hard work.


Jude’s anecdotes and experiences reinforced the necessity of maintaining a work-life balance. He wisely states, “This life na one, I have to live it.” It’s a reminder that life is a one-time journey and reinforces the need for a balanced work-life relationship.

In summary, the conversation with Jude shed light on the critical aspects of balancing remote work and personal life, from time management to understanding your unique work style and the role of company culture in remote work environments. Jude’s insights are a valuable guide for remote workers and freelancers looking to prioritise a healthy work-life balance.

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